My research interests lie at the boundaries of global governance, international organisations, and the transnational politics of human rights implementation.  I have a particular interest in questions of authority and control within international organisations and innovative modes of multi-level or global governance.  Current research is focused on global governance architecture, with particular reference to the transnational human rights machinery and the role of third party intermediaries in the transmission and implementation of international standards.

Further research interests include ‘good’ global governance, private authority at the transnational level, and the potential for cross-disciplinary collaboration (from across health, economics, climate change, among other thematic domains) to generate new insight into how global governance actually works, with both descriptive and prescriptive application.

I specialise in the study of National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) with a particular interest in their ability to promote and protect human rights as well as enhance political accountability across democratic settings in Latin America.

Working papers and publications are available for download at my SSRN page.