ISA 2018 Roundtable on Global Governance

Last month I hosted a roundtable at the International Studies Association Conference 2018 in San Francisco. We had a brilliant group of participants to take stock of recent rapid developments in global governance scholarship.

The roundtable builds upon a commentary published in Governance by David Coen and myself (2015) and expanded upon in a special issue of the journal Global Policy (2018), calling for a ‘third generation’ of global governance research, one which advances convergence across a theoretically and empirically rich, but disparate, second generation of global politics and public policy scholarship. Many of the contributors to the special issue joined us for this ISA roundtable, alongside other world-leading researchers in the area of global governance.

Participants showcased their cutting-edge work, as well as reflected on the state of the art in global governance scholarship with a view to identifying promising future lines of inquiry. What resulted was a wide-ranging and highly illuminating set of reflections which you can access here on the UCL Global Governance Institute website.

Cautioning against a retreat into rule formality or ‘technical fixes’, what are the prospects for global governance scholarship (and practice) to effectively respond to the realities of global power fragmentation, legitimacy deficits and populist contestation? The UCL Global Governance Institute will be focusing on this vital question in 2018-19.

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