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Governing the UN Sustainable Development Goals

With colleagues at UCL and the London International Development Centre, we have published a piece on the governance of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in The Lancet Global Health.  This publication reflects a highly interdisciplinary collaboration which took the form of a series of intensive workshops through 2014-15 convened by Dr Jeff Waage and Chris Yap.  The report provides an analytical review of the SDG process, drawing on experts in different SDG areas identifying potential interactions. This exercise generates a Continue reading Governing the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Susan Sell on Private Authority in Global Health

Professor Susan Sell joined us at the UCL Institute of Global Governance (IGG) on 10 June to talk about private authority in global health governance.

In our conversation, Susan reflects on the opportunities and challenges which confront public health advocates and the potential for global public law to more effectively hold private actors accountable for health outcomes.