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I am a Senior Lecturer in Global Governance and Deputy Director of the Global Governance Institute at the Department of Political Science/School of Public Policy, University College London.

Bibliography on national human rights institutions

For all NHRI research hounds, the Asia Pacific Forum (APF) – which serves as a coalition of NHRIs in the region and is the longest-standing regional network of national institutions in the world – has recently launched an impressively exhaustive NHRI bibliography.  The bibliography will continue to be updated, providing an invaluable entry point into the world of NHRI policy and research.  Many thanks to Chris Sidoti, the APF and the various NHRI practitioners and researchers who have contributed to this fantastic resource.


State Restrictions on Civil Society and the Free Flow of Information

On 9 May I participated in a workshop organised by my colleagues Kristin Bakke, Neil Mitchell and Hannah Smidt on State Restrictions of Civil Society and the Free Flow of Information. It was an excellent discussion, bringing activists, journalists practitioners, policy-makers and academics together to share their insights. Hosted by the UCL Global Governance Institute, the event formed part of a series of thematic activities on Global Security, led by our Thematic Director, Kristin Bakke. The event concluded with a keynote with Natalia Taubina, of Public Verdict, a Russian campaigning NGO. I was invited to reflect briefly on the relevance of national human rights institutions (NHRIs) to the thematic. Continue reading State Restrictions on Civil Society and the Free Flow of Information

Supporting a rules-based international order

One of the more unusual invitations to land in my inbox, on 3 November 2016 I gave evidence on global governance and a rules-based international order to the Liberal Democrat policy working group on international affairs.   The working group has been established by the parliamentary party to examine and update party policy on Britain’s role in the world. Continue reading Supporting a rules-based international order

UCL Global Governance Institute: A Year in Review

At a Global Governance Institute (GGI) public lecture in June with Mervyn King, former head of the Bank of England, Lord King reflected on the troubled state of global economic governance against a backdrop of “radical uncertainty”, meaning the kind of uncertainty that statistical analysis cannot model.

Radical uncertainty may be the motif of our times.

Continue reading UCL Global Governance Institute: A Year in Review